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About us

Capital Way

Capital Way was founded in 2010 with the objective of investing in analyzing projects that have innovative, sustainable and social characteristics. Our mission is to contribute to a more just society, reducing inequalities. 

It is evident that all the projects invested by Capital Way, seek a minimum ROI and significant growth rates so that they have the capacity to self-invest. Therefore, we value highly the characteristics of leaders and managers. Nothing is done without adequate intellectual capacity and ethical and social behavior.

Capital Way is present in several countries in Europe, South America, UAE and Balkans.


The company has been analyzing investments with own capital until 2020, aiming at  Infrastructure, Import & Export Commodities, Solar Power Plants and Real Estate.

The manifestation of the social responsibility of the Capital Way takes place through the OGI Tech (, an institution of about 10 years of foundation that has already included children and young people in digital education.

More information about us?

If you need more information about our business group, send us an email.

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