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Sustainable Energy
Import & Export

Capital Way invests through the controlled the brand GREEN WAY ENERGY to provide sustainable energy solutions, preparing feasibility studies, implementation and operation of photovoltaic plants.

Capital Way seeks to develop the import and export of commodities such as OIL & GAS products through strategic alliances in Singapore and China.

Working with back-to-back operations, Capital Way has import and export of OIL (LCO, ESPO, JP54 and JA1) from Arab Countries.

Real Estate
diseño ARTES.jpg
Intermediation of Arts Assets

Construction Projects from condominiums to popular homes to sophisticated homes, including apartments, as well as real estate complexes.

Through the networking generated in its Business Divisions, Capital Way realized the opportunity of intermediating arts of different natures: paintings, sculptures and sustainable arts.

International Consulting
Social Responsability

Capital Way International Consulting is a Business Consulting and International Business Intermediation business unit.


It is present in South America, in the European Union and Balkans.


The purpose of this business unit is to provide Treasury Management, Asset Management services and the introduction of import and export products and services and real estate intermediation to the international market.


It helps companies to open international markets. For this, it evaluates Risks, CAPEX, OPEX and conducts Market Research.


Capital Way International Consulting operates in the legal, due diligence and commercial aspects with the highest level of governance.

Capital Way believes that education is the strongest pillar of the development of a people of a nation.

We believe that a nation with education becomes more competitive and reduce social differences.

Education transforms people, families, society and country.

This is our biggest motivation and it is for these reasons that we believe in the OgiTech (

More Information about us?

If you need more information about our business group, send us an email.

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