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About us

Capital Way

Capital Way was founded in 2010 with the objective of investing in analyzing projects that have innovative, sustainable and social characteristics. Our mission is to contribute to a more just society, reducing inequalities. 

It is evident that all the projects invested by Capital Way, seek a minimum ROI and significant growth rates so that they have the capacity to self-invest. Therefore, we value highly the characteristics of leaders and managers. Nothing is done without adequate intellectual capacity and ethical and social behavior.

Capital Way is present in several countries: Spain, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.


The company has been analysing potencial investments with own capital until 2020, aiming at Digital Education (OGI Institute), Infrastructure, Import & Export Commodities, Solar Power Plants and Real Estate.

The manifestation of the social responsibility of the Capital Way takes place through the OGI Institute, an institution of about 10 years of foundation that has already included more than fifteen thousand children and young people in digital education.


Management Leaders
Edvaldo Ogeda, MBAExec
President & CEO

Silvia Regina Ogeda, Msc
Marketing Director & Public Relations

Executive at CAPITAL Way. 
Married, three children, 59 years, graduated with a BS in Mathematics at Foundation St. Andre with emphasis Systems Engineering. Has postgraduate AEA FGV / SP in Systems Analysis. He is MBA Executive by FIA / FEA - USP and Vanderbilt University, USA (Owen Graduate School of Management).
In 2000 he received the award for quality by ADVB - Best Marketing 2000.
It has also been featured in the Partners Program Quality Group Siemens for several years.
He brought former President Bill Clinton to Brazil to speech on "Corporate Leadership".

Invited to be one of keynote speaker at the SCHOLAS World Conference at the Vatican in September 2014.

Responsible and specialist for developing Strategic Business Planning, Strategic Alliances, New International Business Models.

He has worked in activities such as Prevention of Money Laundering (IT compliance) for international banks and Institutions of the Government of Brazil, Development and Maintenance of Software such as SAP for corporations, Financial Services and M&A.

She is shareholder at Capital Way.

Writer, postgraduate in events and tourism. Silvia is responsible for the Corporate Marketing and Public Relations of the company.
She was one of the founders of the OGI Institute where she works as a counselor.


More information about us?

If you need more information about our business group, send us an email.

Claudio Sandroni, Dr
External Office to Legal Issues

Responsible for conducting all the policies of the legal relationship. Leads the team of lawyers for the elaboration, discussion and conclusion of the business relationships for investments (NDA, MOU, Investment Contracts, Terminations).

He has been worked in the civil, tax and business areas.
He is graduated from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas and post-graduated in Tax Law by the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law - IBET / IBDT (USP).
He is Specialist in Tax Accounting by the Superior School of Law - OAB / SP.
He is Member of the Ethics Court of OAB / SP and Member of the Institute of Lawyers of São Paulo, of the Association of Lawyers of São Paulo and of the Brazilian Association of Tax Law.
Partner of the Barros, Rosenberg, Sandroni and Associated Lawyers Offices.


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