Capital Way

It´s not just about numbers
We invest in Innovative, Sustainable and Social Projects for a better future

Capital Way is a business implementation company, which translates much of our business character, bringing people and society closer to a better and fairer world.


Our mission is to contribute to a more just society, reducing inequalities.

Capital Way is present in several countries in South America and offices and representatives in United Arab Emirates, Europe and Balkans. We intend to expand our presence.

The manifestation of the social responsibility of the Capital Way takes place through the OGI Tech (, an institution of about 10 years of foundation that has already included children and young people in digital education.


A successful company is made up of people. We believe that the Capital Way family is composed of an elite team that allows to reconcile the competence of its leaders with the good character that forms a more just society. Without ethics, resilience and "listening" to have a clearer vision, we would not have gotten this far.



Business divisions of Capital Way:

Education: more than 15,000 students included digitally

Real Estate: Allotments for popular homes totaling 6500, High Standard Condos

Solar Power Plants: Construction until 20MW

Import and Export Commodities: Trading platform

Services: Strategic Consulting (BPlans) & Financials Services






 Our understanding of Strategic Partners follows in the direction of lasting alliances, and committed to projects. Our partners are global companies that have a consistent portfolio across multiple market segments. 

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